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Honduras El Durazno

farm: El Durazno 
variety: bourbon 
processing: washed 
harvesting: hand-picked 
altitude: 1700-1950masl 
region: Marcala La Paz, Masaquara, Intibuca
origin: Honduras 

Estonian Aeropress Championship competition coffee 2023 

Francisco Velasquez began cultivating coffee seven years ago when he purchased a farm. In 2006, he traveled to the United States in search of work to raise funds to buy a piece of land for coffee cultivation. Three years later, he returned to Pozo Negro and acquired 2 hectares of land, where he started planting coffee. He named this farm El Durazno. Technician Rony Gamez advised Francisco on the potential of his land for specialty coffee, encouraging him to join neighboring farmers to continue producing higher-quality coffee. Today, Francisco conducts the entire coffee production on a modest 5-hectare plot, yielding a significantly limited annual output of about 50 bags.
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