When we talk about coffee and the sustainability of this sector, we mean three main areas of responsibility throughout the entire production chain: people, planet, and pay.

Social responsibility.

It is important to us that our coffee producers contribute to the development of the local community by supporting the construction of schools, establishing hospitals, and improving access to clean water in the region. Fair wages, safe working conditions, and the prohibition of child labor are priorities on which we make no compromises, thereby ensuring socially responsible coffee production. These measures not only improve the living conditions of the communities producing coffee but also support the overall sustainability of the coffee sector.

The Brick Coffee contributes to the development, moving towards a more positive, human-friendly, and environmentally sustainable direction.

Ethical cultivation.

Ethically produced coffee embraces sustainable practices. For example: rainwater is collected for coffee washing, pheromone traps are used instead of pesticides and coffee producers fertilize their coffee trees with composted coffee bean residues and coffee husks to avoid the felling of eucalyptus trees. Emphasis is also placed on soil conservation – coffee regions are reforested, and coffee trees are cultivated in the shade of other trees. As a result, biodiversity is preserved, coffee trees are protected during heavy rain periods, and the soil retains moisture for longer periods during dry spells.

Fair pay.

Fair compensation plays a crucial role in maintaining the sustainability of the coffee chain. To set the sector on the right path, we must start with ourselves. We understand the challenges of coffee farming – it is technically complex and requires true dedication and a significant amount of time. We appreciate and value the immense effort of farmers, which is why our coffee prices are higher than commercial coffee. When purchasing our coffee, it ensures that the hardest-working individuals earn more than mere pennies. We contribute to establishing business fairness within the coffee-growing community.

The sustainability of the coffee sector lies in our own choices.

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