Etioopia guji väike

Etioopia Guji Natural

farm: Dambi Uddo 
variety: heirloom 
process: natural* organic 
harvesting: hand-picked
altitude: 2070-2120masl 
region: Guji
origin: Ethiopia

Shawo coffee originates from the Dambi Uddo forest in the Guji region. It exhibits notes of peach and orange fruitiness and is produced under the agroforestry system, which incorporates around fifteen endemic species. Shawo, after which this coffee is named, is one such species. It is a tree that can grow over 20 meters tall and serves as a beneficial companion to coffee trees. Belco aims to promote this forest coffee to contribute to the preservation of the rare environment and support farmers engaged in agroforestry.

The Dambi Uddo farm is divided into four plots, each named after an endemic tree in the forest. Shawo is a tree with a broad canopy that provides suitable shade for coffee cultivation. This Shawo plot is located at an altitude of 2,070 to 2,120 meters and covers 22 hectares, although coffee trees are planted only on one side of the land because the other side is too dense.

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