Brazil Vermelho

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farm: Casa Almeida Barreto
variety: Catuai
processing: fermented honey
harvest: käsitsi korjatud, 2023/2024 crop
region: Minas Gerais, Araucaria, Brazil

Casa Almeida Barreto is a family estate focused on the production of the best coffee and wine from Araucaria. Their coffee relies on an incredible team with extensive backgroung in agronomy, oenology and fermentation techniques. Gabriel believes in respecting the unique quality of each specifities of genetic material and the specific climate and soil of their terroirs, minimizing interventions to preserve the flavours and uniqueness of their coffees. At the same time, they aim to give back to their local community providing them great work conditions, income and benefits, while adapting sustainable practices.

We are so proud to be working with Gabriel and his whole team for the 2nd year in a row. This coffee is full on pandan leaves, orange peel and dark plums.
Out of stock