Aquaphor kann

Aquaphor J. Shmidt 500


A small water purification station in your home!

The next-generation J. Shmidt 500 filter pitcher, unlike any other in the world, ingeniously combines the power of under-sink water purification systems while conveniently taking the form of a portable pitcher. This incredibly powerful water purification system is like a home water purification station, replacing the need for under-sink water filter systems when necessary, ensuring water purity down to 0.1 microns!

J.Shmidt 500 is an ultra-efficient product that is easy to use. Filtrating water without under-sink systems has never been so simple and comprehensive. The timeless yet functional design of the pitcher fits into any interior, making J.Shmidt 500 an ideal and elegant gift.

Capacity: 2.8L
Filter lifespan: 500L 
Connectivity: USB
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